Monday 4 March 2019

Pre Pacific voyage preparation

In two days time we start the next stage of our travels, 2910 nautical miles to the Marquesas. We aren't yet half way to New Zealand, but we will be soon.

Here in the Galapagos we are still closer to London than we are to Fiji!

Today the water taxi delivered 400 litres of diesel to top up our tanks (we used quite a bit coming here from Panama, 79 engine hours over 6 days).

We know that we will need to head south from here to find reliable SE trade winds, before we head west across the Pacific to Polynesia. Now Steve is on board we hope for seamless downwind sailing, because that is what usually happens when he is with us!

Rob and Steve spent yesterday in the engine "room" giving the engine its service. We need to change the propeller anode, check the running rigging, and buy fresh food. Then most of the pre departure job list will be done.

The water tanks are full of freshly desalinated water made by our miraculous Steve and Rob Watermaker. I love that machine.

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