Monday, 25 May 2020

Loaded by crane hoist

Tintin starts the return journey

Last week Tintin was loaded onto the deck of the ship that will bring her home from Auckland to Southampton. Minervagracht will be heading east-about via Tahiti, the Panama Canal and Fort Lauderdale. The journey will take about 45 days, AGWWP*. This phrase is a new one to us. The shipping company, Seven Stars, use it at the end of all their emails regarding dates. Due to the pandemic the shipping date has changed from mid March to late May. It's great news that Tintin is now underway and we hope to see her in Southampton in late June.
* All going well weather permitting.

Monday, 16 March 2020

Home and dry

We are both back home, in the nick of time it feels. Spring is on it's way and today's blue skies and sunshine feel just what the country needs after an unprecedented few days, with more unknowns to come.

We and the family are well, and we are thankful for a wonderful time in NZ.

Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Wednesday evening racing, Auckland Harbour

Goodbye to great friends

Gorm, Paul, Debra, Jo, George, Birgitta, Patric, Bobbie, Rob, and Troy holding the camera

End of journey

We have just arrived at Auckland's Bayswater Marina. 
Tintin will remain here until early April when she is moved across the harbour to the port and loaded onto the deck of the ship that will bring her home.
17,000 nautical miles are on the log since leaving Salcombe in August 2018.
Tintin has done really well. And the crew are in good shape too. It's with mixed feelings that we start to tidy up and prepare her for shipping. We're really looking forward to going home, but sad to end this adventure.