Monday, 14 October 2019

Tintin secure in Marsden Cove Marina, Northland NZ

From Matapouri Bay we entered the narrow entrance to Tutukaka Harbour, raising Tintin's centreboard to anchor overnight in a shallow bay close to the marina (pictures below).

The following day was calm, grey and damp and so we motored to Tintin's longer-term berth at Marsden Cove Marina (near Whangarei), and cleaned and packed up the boat.  Richard and I spent a few days land-based relaxing in beautiful Northland with family members, and we have now finally returned to North Canterbury, spending today moving our personal belongings from a storage container on the property back into our house - it is wonderful to be back home again and unpacking things we haven't seen for nearly 5 years is like having Christmas arrive early!

So Tintin now awaits her next adventure in the southern hemisphere - which will be Rob and Jo's visit to New Zealand, starting in mid January. Tintin, thank you for taking great care of all your various crew members in the last several months while I have been on board, and Rob and Jo we very much look forward to catching up with you both in NZ when your travels allow….. 

Nicki and Richard

Sunday, 13 October 2019

Dolphins and Stingray....

A pod of 5 very large bottlenose dolphins joined us for our final sail with Cris and Tracey from Whangaruru Harbour to Tutukaka, swimming alongside Tintin in glorious downwind sailing conditions for several hours, and even entering Matapouri Bay with us and leaping around the bay chasing fish when we anchored off the golden sandy beach for lunch.  On the way we launched Tintin's large blue-water-runner downwind sail (a.k.a. the Stingray)

Friday, 11 October 2019

For the Tinin Blog

Tracey here;

We are now home in Australia after what was a great adventure with lots of laughter. 

Our crossing from New Caledonia to New Zealand was boisterous at times but safe thanks to the boat and skipper Nicki. There is nothing quite like the night sky at sea with bioluminescent plankton sparkling all around.

This was my first trip to the beautiful Bay of Islands and what a way to see it. Nicki captured some lovely images of rare birds and Richard captured sea creatures for dinner :) 

Many thanks to Rob and Jo for having us aboard Tintin, Nicki for her impeccable skippering and Richard for his fish dinners and dad jokes! 

Tracey and Cris 

Thursday, 10 October 2019

Whangamumu Harbour

Richard enjoyed more fishing action at our lovely tranquil anchorage in Whangamumu harbour, providing several snapper and a kahawai.  He also kept us entertained by hooking a large sting-ray which pulled him around the bay in the dinghy!

Birds and fish

Richard hooked a large kahawai from the huge school which appeared to make the water 'boil' around Tintin, sadly with very soft mouths the hook ripped out but moments later Richard landed a trevally which was delicious for dinner.  

'Hole in the Wall' (Piercy Island) and a 'boil' of fish and birds

Rounding Cape Brett

We sailed between Cape Brett and Piercy Island on a glorious sunny day