Sunday 27 March 2022

Day 1 pictures

Day 1 Course

Another lovely calm day in the Beagle Channel.  We started our course of
the 'RYA Pelagic Ocean Syllabus' - the ocean yachtmaster course altered
to be more relevant for high-latitude expeditions.

Just now we have had the naming ceremony for our yacht, Vinson of
Antactica.  It is actually owned by Chilean entrepreneur Nicholas Ibanez
- who has a serious, and very expensive boat-buying habit. Vinson is
owned by him but used by Skip & co for expeditions. We are parked next
to his 57 Hallberg-Rassy, for his personal use....but not to be confused
with his Hallberg-Rassy 64 for use in the Med.  He flew in a priest from
Punta Arenas on his personal jet(!) to say mass and bless the boat
before his wife broke some champagne over the bows.  I was reminded that
South American countries do like pomp, ceremonies and speeches

Our provisional schedule is:
Course : Mar 27th to Thurs 31st
Depart to explore Beagle Channel Fri 1st/Sat 2nd
Cruise west along the Beagle Channel as far as the Pacific.  Return to
Puerto Williams via Cape Horn
Arrive Puerto Williams 9th April
Depart Puerto Williams bound for Cape Town 12th April
Arrive Cape Town 5th May

All date are assuming 'AGW WP' (All going well, Weather permitting)

Day 1

A lot has happened. It's getting late and I want to go to bed, so I'll be quick.

Arrived successfully in Puerto Williams yesterday, and met Chris, one of my crew mates. Today we joined the boat, Vinson, and settled in. We trekked up the hill behind Puerto Williams for some great views along the Beagle Channel followed by a dip in the sea.

Drinks aboard the Micalvi this evening.

Friday 25 March 2022

Punta Arenas

The start of an adventure from Chile to South Africa. Actually, getting here is quite an achievement- overcoming (or rather understanding) bureaucracy and - most important- not getting Covid. Jo got it last week and so it was hard not being able to be near her for our last time together for 6 weeks. But the aloofness paid off, and I'm still negative today having been tested on arrival.

We flew over some as amazing scenery…'s mount