Tuesday 15 May 2018

All this texting is exhausting

All this texting is exhausting…...

Big Sails and Poles

Big Sails and Poles, flat water downwind sailing….

Grind Baby Grind

Grind Baby Grind!

Fishing for lemon drizzle cake


Monday 14 May 2018

Also while on passage to Fowey today...

The drone was launched to take pictures of the new sail and was successfully recovered on board!

Testing new headsail for downwind sailing

in very light airs departing Falmouth - perfect conditions for rolling out a brand new huge sail for the first time.  Poles to be added another day...

Carrick Roads - more images


Carrick Roads - a busy Sunday

Sunday's activities included James and Richard scuba diving in the Carrick Roads (with tanks filled via the new on-board compressor), making fresh water using the on-board desalination plant, Man Over Board practice using the spinnaker halyard, lifesling and danbuoy, and manoeuvring under engine with the emergency steering mechanism.

Followed by dinner at the Pandora Pub at Restronguet - washed down with Cornish dry cider and/ or Proper Job or Hick's Special Draft ale!


Helford River - Saturday

Fishing success departing the Helford River, 'bums and tums' exercises on the foredeck led by James, then headed for Falmouth and made use of the marina. 


Saturday 12 May 2018


Tonight Tintin is berthed in Falmouth, in excellent company along with superyachts 'Anne' and 'Blue Too' (both registered in George Town, Grand Cayman Island).

Blog entry by Nicki

After picking up Jo and James H in Plymouth we headed to a beautiful anchorage at Dandy Hole, passing the Naval dockyards enroute - a police boat asked us to move over to make way for a Norwegian gas-turbine vessel in stealth mode.