Saturday 19 June 2021

Race day

It's a gentle day in Barmouth, overcast with occasional sunshine.
All 16 boats have assembled, ranging from a beautiful 1930 Camper Nicholson called Driac to some very racy looking 11m boats with raked masts and retractable bowsprits. There is another chunky cruiser like Tintin, and one catamaran. 

This morning,  lots of checks. Due to Covid we have to self declare the safety scrutineering process rather than have someone come on board with a clipboard to tick it all off.
 Lifejackets,  in-date flares, buckets, fire extinguishers,  cockpit drains, heaving lines to name a few things on the list.

Runners and cyclists kit check, done.

Skippers race briefing next.

Then lunch and go! Our challenge will be to make headway against a strong south running tidal stream one we are through Bardsey sound. We may have to drop the anchor to stop ourselves from going backwards if rowing and sailing in the light airs don't win out!

We did a rig check yesterday,  here are a couple of pics from the top of the mast.

Friday 18 June 2021

The Three Peaks Yacht Race

Tintin is in Barmouth harbour,  the crew have assembled,  24 hours to go until the race starts a mile offshore.

Most of the 15 other boats don't look as if they weigh 14 tonnes. Light airs are forecast for the start, so we have been tweaking the rowing set up (yes, that's correct!) as well as fine tuning the rig with sailing master Matt.

We are all eager to start, some even more than others. Steve decided to go for a run just to check he still can; whereas Matt is under strict instructions to keep his leg up having gashed it open whilst training last week.

The crew is

James Heath
Matt Insley 
Steve Gordon

3 of us did the race 31 years ago. Previous time to beat = 4 days 5 hours.

Ashore we have support from assorted Insleys, Gordons, Withers and Heaths. Thank you all