Friday 8 March 2019

Just how big is the Pacific?

We've had a great day for the first full day out from the Galapagos to
the Marquesas. The wind, which was predicted to go light, has held up
quite well, but we did get a chance to run the engine to charge
batteries and make water. The real bonus, however, is the current. It
is adding the best part of 2knots - sometimes more - to our moderate
sailing speed to greatly flatter our progress. It all counts! Our
task, for which we have enlisted the help of my brother Paul, is to
follow a route that maximises the use of the conveyer belt.

To give a sense of scale to the Pacific.. Lizzie is currently diving in
Fiji - about 3/4 the way across the Pacific. We were in the Galapagos
islands, 900miles into the ocean. We were still nearer London than
Fiji. We've got a lot of sailing to do!

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