Sunday 24 March 2019

Almost there, nearly

Today the wind has been playing games with us, dropping down at times
so that our boat speed has temporarily halved and Tintin wallows
around in the swell. It's surprisingly frustrating when we are so near
to landfall, but not sure if we will make it in before dark tomorrow
night or not. The bay on Hiva Oa is quite exposed and pretty crowded. We
won't risk entering in the dark, so all fingers on board are crossed for
enough wind and boat speed to get us there without the need to stand off
overnight tomorrow.

The Marquesaas are 9.5 hours behind GMT, so by the time you are
having breakfast or heading off to work on Monday morning in the UK I
hope we will have dropped our anchor.

I have been distracting myself today by baking bread
and a chocolate and walnut cake... it isn't so easy to concentrate on
anything when we are so close. It has been an amazing journey but I
think I speak for us all when I say we are so looking forward to
reaching the Marquesas!

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