Saturday 9 March 2019

Back in the Doldrums

We knew it was too good to last!

The lovely breeze from yesterday has died and left us with a
slightly confused sea, leaden grey skies, grey sea and intermitent
rain. After an unsettled night of sail changes/engine on/engine off we
are feeling a bit in the doldrums today. Tintin is motoring along and
blending well into the greyness. A painted ship upon a painted ocean.

But there is good news; boats further south and west are reporting
constant SE breezes of 10-15 knots: the SE trades. They seem to be
starting from 5.5 degrees south; we have about 40 miles to go. A
sweepstake has been set for arrival time.

I can see no boats on our limited horizon, but Tumi is about 6 miles
behind and we have chats with Paul and Deborah on the VHF radio: have
you got the found the current yet? how about wind? any fish caught?
(not yet...)

I have discovered today how much juice can leak from an over-ripe water
melon...onto a bunk, guitar, duvet bags
Honestly it is more than you might think!
That incident prompted a review of all fruit and veg stored in nets and
the bilge which should really be checked daily. It is clear that
produce doesn't last as long as it did during our Atlantic crossing. The
average daytime temperature is in the low 30s here, so it isn't really
So - we have a wonderful amount of tropical fruit to eat in the next few
days, no chance of scurvy yet.

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