Tuesday 19 March 2019

Day 13

The last few days have given us blue skies with scattered fluffy cumulus
clouds by day, and brilliant moonshine at night as the moon waxes
towards full. The wind has been pretty steady in direction from the ESE,
blowing mainly at 12-24 knots day and night, for the last 1500 miles.

Today we are tryig a new sail format, trying to maximise our speed in
relatively light downwind airs. The stingray is flying from the bow and
we have the full mainsail up too. We had thought the main might
blanket the stingray and make it collapse - but it isn't. Both sails
are billowing and we are making 7 knots through the water with only 9
knots of apparent wind. The skipper is very happy. So are the crew. Go

This is day 13 of the crossing and it is becoming clear to us what
really counts as a luxury, making a big difference to us here on board.

Top of the list is the watermaker, hmm, have I mentioned this before? A
shower after getting hot and sweaty grinding winches and working on the
foredeck is bliss.

Next, being able to receive email via the satellite phone, to keep in
touch with family and friends, is truly wonderful. Don't be shy!

Withers Bros have formed a new extracurricular club: Crossword
mornings. Happy miles are passed as clues are discussed and grey matter
is taxed

818 nM to go

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