Saturday 16 March 2019

Day 10

We're well over 1/2way to the Marquesas now - only about 1300nm to go.
Then we think Hang on - that's about the same distance as Stornoway to
Gibralter, so we're not 'nearly there' by any stretch. Anyway, we've
done over 1/2 and celebrated last night with steak night and are
steadily working down the miles.

We've been next Cassiopee for the last 3 days; it's quite niec being
within sight of another boat in the vast ocean. Now however I think
they're a bit further north over the horizon.

The sea is livelier today. We're goose-winged with 2 reefs in the main
and 1 in the genoa. We could probably shake out at least 1 of the
reefs but this is definitely a long, endurance event with not breaking
things being top priority. Shackles come mysteriously come undone and
the pin on one of our snap-shackle sheets disappeared overnight. Apart
from that, all people well and all systems go.

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