Tuesday 12 March 2019

A third of the way across

We have just celebrated reaching 1000 miles out, and 2000 to go! Tintin
is crossing just north of the Bauer Basin of the central eastern
Pacific ocean, where the water is around 3800 metres deep.

At times it can feel a bit remote here, especially in the dark. But
other boats are not far away. On the daily radio net we share our
latitude and longitude so we can soon see who is close. Today we have
chatted to the crews of Cabana and Casiopee who are both within VHF
range. It is so reassuring to hear them. The fleet has spread out as
usual but there is quite a group within a 100m mile range of us. That
doesn't seem very far out here!

The "miles to go screen" on our GPS, attached by the wheel, is
prompting us to reminisce as we go...
Rob "Jo, we have just sailed through our married life!" (We are at 1991
miles to go now)
Steve has brought with him " A short history of England" to help us out
with deeper history as the miles go by.

We have all settled well into our watch routine, 6 days in, and have
decided not to change shifts. Instead we will put the ships clock back
one hour every 15 degrees of longitude we cover. The sea state has
moderated a bit today so it is easier to move around on board, to
cook, and to sleep. Even managing to not spill mugs of tea. Spirits are
good on board.

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