Sunday 17 March 2019

Are we there yet?

From Steve,
In a word, no.
Still 1160 miles left on the clock.
Notable points in history are fewer and further apart.
I was going to write about how it has been a long way, etc, and how far
to go, but reviewing the last few blogs have decided that our reader(s)
has probably heard that enough.
Progress is serene. The sea is a bit lumpy and sometimes a bit sideways
on to the boat, so it all feels like a ride on, or in, a very large,
very overweight, very ponderous, lazy rodeo bull that most of the time
rocks gently from siide to side and then has a pang of conscience and
give a bit of a roll to try to earn his keep.
The most comfortable places are on deck and in the aft cabins, and the
least comfortable is in front of the cooker trying to work.
I have been doing some cooking.
About half of the meals so far have been vegetable based, and this is
very definitely not my strong side in cooking, so I have been using the
mince in a variety of ways.
Jo borrowed a vacuum packer just before we left the Galapagos and it
has proved (so far) to have done an excellent job.

So actually we are all in pretty good spirits, just about up to date
with sleep and the Spag Bol tonight will be at least a bit different
from the Chilli Con Carne of a few days ago.
Oh, and the moon and the sea last night was absolutely beautiful
All the best to all, and love to home.

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