Wednesday 13 February 2019

South to Las Perlas

We have left Panama City behind us, and are exploring Las Perlas islands in the Gulf of Panama.
Treated to a spectacular diving display by hundreds of brown pelicans, we made our way past all the tankers and cargo ships that await their turn going north through the Panama Canal. The sea here is the calmest we have seen yet, and we had a very gentle sail yesterday with the blue cruising chute up for the first time. A kind day for our team of 2 on board. Boats just behind us reported seeing an enormous whale with her calf. The sea here is almost opaque green (plankton?) and there more seabirds than we have ever seen.
Last night we were anchored off Isla Mogo Mogo, a small uninhabited island where the reality TV series "Survivor" is filmed. Exploring ashore we found a couple of camps with rudimentary tables made of driftwood, and a water collecting system. It's a beautiful island but we were very happy to choose when to leave!
The ARC fleet of 28 boats is now gathered at anchor off Isla Contadora. A BBQ on the beach tonight and prizegiving for the leg from Santa Marta to San Blas. On Friday we will all set off for the Galapagos, 850 miles to the southwest.

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