Monday 18 February 2019

Bobbing towards the Galapagos

All is very gentle in this part of the Pacific as we slowly make our
way towards the Galapagos.

After a good sail on Saturday the wind died overnight,and yesterday we
had enough wind to help us along for a few hours in the afternoon. This
morning when I took over from Rob at 6am there was just enough of a
breeze to use the sails again. Turning the throbbing engine off is
wonderful. Then you can hear the gentle slap and ripple of the water on
the hull.
But as the wind drops, then so does the lovely sound of the water
slipping by. It is replaced by the snap of idle rigging as Tintin rolls
gently in the small swell, and an annoying rattle from within the boom.

Rob's head pops up the companionway and he suggests it is time to use
the engine again. And our speed in the right direction leaps from 3 to
6 knots.

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