Wednesday 20 February 2019

Hitch-hiking on the equatorial current

It's sunrise over my left shoulder and the moon is gently coming down
to set in front of my right. We have had the most amazing and
unexpected last 14 hours of sailing with steady winds of 10-12 knots
from just west of south. Tintin is creaming along close hauled in
flat waters making 7-8 knots over the ground thanks to the 2 knot
westbound current.

We will need to alter course if the wind doesn't change - even tack -
to make the Galapagos, 140 miles to landfall. Before then we will be
crossing the equator!

It has been a glorious moonlit night with much friendlier clouds than
the night before, and lightening visible in the far distance only. Maybe
we are through the ITCZ (Doldrums) now?

A red footed booby who had been perched on our mast spreader for
several hours has just preened himself and flown off into the dawn.

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