Monday 11 February 2019

Panama City

We have seen Panama City's old quarter, in stark contrast to the forest of skyscrapers that makes up the modern city, the old town is a maze of narrow streets lined with churches and old Spanish colonial style buildings. Most have wide eaves sheltering ornate wrought iron balconies, with plenty of potted palms and ferns in hanging baskets. Many tourists in Panama hats!

La Playita marina is situated at the end of the Armador causeway south of the city. For any of you who do cycle training on Zwift, Panama City and surroundings is a bit like Watopia complete with causeways and islands.

Game fishing is big here, the Hannibal Banks 70 miles away are famed for marlin fishing. Along the pontoon there are several huge games fishing boats. You can imagine that Richard liked the look of them very much! In his absence Tintin Angling Society is depleted but not short of enthusiasm (Jo) and technical support (Rob).

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