Thursday 7 February 2019

Panama canal transit schedule

We have been given 3 enormous fenders, and 2 heavy 50m hauling lines, and have been briefed on what we need to do as line handlers as we go through the canal locks. There are 3 sets of locks, each a ladder of 3 chambers.

We will be going through the canal locks in a raft with a catamaran called Hanna, and the monohull Aurora B. Tintin will be on the left, the cat in the middle, and Aurora B on the right.

The raft behaves as one vessel, with fenders either side to prevent collision with the lock walls and a rope at each corner to stabilise the raft as we go up and then down within the locks.

The schedule is:

Advisors Boarding Time                1615hrs

Arrival Gatun Locks                         1746hrs

Clearing Gatun Locks                      1905hrs

Mooring Gatun Lake                       1935hrs


Feb 8th

Resuming Transit                              0730hrs                            

Completing Transit                           1646hrs (Miraflores Locks with the webcam are at the far end of the canal)

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