Monday 11 February 2019


We are waiting to be cleared out of Panama by customs before we depart. There has been a bit of a delay so we will need to change our plans slightly for today's destination , heading to Tabogo island 7 miles away rather than 35 miles to Las Perlas.

The World ARC team do a huge amount to help us through all the required bureaucracy, coordinating with agents to manage customs clearance and the canal transit. I believe this aspect of their work becomes more and more challenging as we head further west. When entering the waters of a country by boat, we have to "clear in" to customs and then " clear out" when we leave. This can only be done in a few designated ports for each country. If you have not done the required paperwork and got your " Zarpe" from the previous country then you may be refused passage in the next, being sent back to the previous Port to sort it out. This is good to avoid, as a passage back to the previous country would likely be upwind!

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