Tuesday 2 July 2019


We left Savusavu early in the morning after the bad weather went
through. Our plan was to get to Cocoanut Point on the far SW corner of
Vanua Levi, so we could get to the Yasawa islands. The skies had been
threatening all day, but there was little wind and not much rain. We motored the whole way. In fact, we got
slightly further than planned to a large deserted Bay called Bua Bay
and had a great evening on board Cabana in the company of Resolute and
Zwerver. Yesterday, the small flotilla of boats made its way to Yadua
(pronounced Yandua). Once here, we've pretty much decided to not go to
the Yasawa Islands, but to stay here for a few days because its so
lovely. Its completely desserted, well protected, and with great
diving and snorkelling around. There is no internet (apart from Sat
phone) - you may count that as good or bad.

This morning we headed out to cross the island to do the Sewusewu
ceremony with the islanders. However, the path has become overgrown
and lost so we after 1/2 through thick bush we turned back.

The rest of the crew has just headed out for some diving and
snorkelling. Richard has equipped Pim with a long metal hook for
dragging lobsters out of their caves, so we'll see what they back with.

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