Tuesday 23 July 2019

Plumbing challenges

On passage from Fiji in boisterous conditions the fresh water pump stopped working....which meant that although the recently fixed watermaker enabled us to have full water tanks we couldn't have showers (washing up dishes using a foot pump to the galley sink still worked OK, we could get water for cooking and drinking. )

Once in calm anchorage at Port Resolution, we investigated the cause. This required emptying out a food cupboard to access the pump and involved everyone; Richard and Matthew in the cockpit fillling and blowing down a pipe giving a 2 metre head , Laura on the pump switch and me sucking on the shower hose in the head....

Eventually we identified a likely blockage from port water tank. Hoping to have cleared it, unfortunately the problem recurred 3 days later, so have now transferred most of the fresh water from port into starboard tank and will run off that for now. Happy Days!

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