Tuesday 16 July 2019

Tintin Angling Society Update

The trip from Fiji to Vanuatu provided some great fishing. We landed 5 fish and only fished about half of the trip.
We caught a small mackerel and skipjack tuna on the way out of the reef departing Fiji.
This was followed the following evening by a double hook up on small yellow fin tuna - one we got to the boat for sashimi the other was taken by something larger that obviously was hungrier than we were……

Nicki had been requesting that I try and catch a Mahi Mahi, one of the boats sailing close by us caught one but I was still failing to deliver. Overnight a flying fish had jumped on deck and I took a couple of fillets off this and attached them to the hook on one of the lures, not long after we had a 1m Mahi Mahi on board
A few hours later I remembered the other flying fish fillet and attached that to the lure on the other rod and it worked again with a 1.2m Mahi Mahi coming aboard - Great fish from both but the second Mahi Mahi threw itself off the gaff on the foredecks we had some fish wrangling going on to stop it getting over the side.

We are getting our daily Omega 3's as well as supplementing this of others in the fleet and some of the local villagers (the locals here have small outrigger canes which limits their options for getting too far offshore and Vanuatu is a high risk area for Ciguatera from reef fish so are very pleased to have pelagic fish from outside the reef)

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