Saturday 29 June 2019

Bats, departure from the Lau Group, SavuSavu

Nicki here again,
One of the recommended 'things to do' in the Bay of Islands at sundown is to visit a small inlet which is home to many thousands of bats, who hang in the trees during the day and then all fly off to feed as the sun sets.  We took a drink with us in the dinghy and in the company of Jean-Francois and Marie of Cassiopee and the crew of Charm we watched the spectacle.
Unfortunately afterwards as I stepped back onto Tintin in the dark I lost my footing and fell in - usually no drama in the warm water but unfortunately I still had my camera around my neck! Unsurprisingly, the salt water damage appears to be terminal….. 

We spent a relaxing couple of days in the Bay of Islands, paddle boarding and snorkelling over coral gardens, socialising and having afternoon naps when we felt like it!

Our departure was rather more exciting than we wanted due to an overheating engine which required Rob to again work his magic replacing the impeller while underway, with assistance from Richard, as Pim and I sailed the boat reaching backwards and forwards / tacking in a patch of water which was fortunately clear of coral - the timing was fortuitous.  Once all resolved, we motored out through the NW passage through the reef and almost immediately Richard caught a queen mackerel, followed an hour later by a small tuna which Pim brought in.  We all enjoyed fish curry for dinner that night on passage.  

There was rather more fish than we could eat in a few meals, so after arrival in SavuSavu and moving to a berth alongside, we invited some others on board Tintin to have a 'taste' of fish in the late afternoon yesterday; this turned into quite an impromptu party with more than 25 people arriving on board (including spilling over onto the foredeck and around the saloon table encouraging Richard as he cooked round after round of fish goujons)! All the fish was eaten up and almost all our alcohol supplies went too  - fortunately we are in a good spot to replenish all provisions here in the small town of SavuSavu.    
As forecast, it is now raining heavily; nonetheless we hope to depart to head W tomorrow morning, heading for the Yasawa Group of islands.


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