Thursday 27 June 2019

Look the other way...

Last night, I came up on watch at 1:00am to be congratulated by Pim on
a significant milestone - we're now in the eastern hemisphere.
Practically, it's un-important (although some navigational software
struggles with routes that cross the 180deg line). The significance is
psychological- until now I've thought of home and the UK as being
behind me, now it's ahead. In fact, the shortest route home is
directly north from here, but that's difficult to get your head around.

Before we left the bay of Islands, I cleaned the engine water inlet of
leaves, seaweed etc. As we were approaching the pass in the reef, the
engine overheat alarm went off - I'd forgotten to open the inlet again
and the impeller had overheated and stripped. Doh! Nicki and Pim sailed
back and forth while Richard and I struggled in the overheated engine
room to change the impeller. 30 mins later we were on our way again -
there are times when and experienced crew really helps!

We've now arrived in Savu Savu (not to be confused with another big
town - Suva, or the kava ceremony - Sewu Sewu, or the village where
Aurora B and other WARC boats are - Somo Somo). After some
negotiation, we have a marina berth with power and good internet, so
we're well set to sit out the weekend of dirty weather.

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