Saturday 15 June 2019

Tonga days

We've had several grey rainy squally days here in Tonga but yesterday the sky cleared for long enough for us to find a beautiful anchorage at Avalau Island. 
Swimming from Tintin to the beach we found a clown fish family (like Nemo) and a couple of lion fish taking cover under a coral head. In the shallows was an inquisitive black and white striped sea snake.  In the brief window of sun we flew the drone above the white beach, palm trees and azure water. For memories when back in the UK winter!

Today the fleet has gathered from around this archipelago back at Neiafu, for the ARC prize giving dinner, our first full get together since the Marquesas in March.
It will be bittersweet for many as several boats will be leaving the ARC once in Fiji. Personally I'll be sad to say goodbye to many wonderful friends, but at be same time I'm very excited to be returning home in just a few days to be around when Bridget and James return from university. 

Pim will be leaving Tintin in Fiji, and Rob will follow me from Vanuatu in July, when Tintin will be handed on to Nicki and Richard for some more exploration in New Caledonia before they sail to New Zealand in September.

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