Saturday 8 June 2019

Over the date line

En route to Tonga we will cross the date line, even though we
haven't reached 180 degrees west yet. Tonga has chosen to lie
west of the date line so there is a bit of a kink in the line to
accommodate this!

So at midnight tonight we will be fast forwarding from Friday June 7th
to Sunday June 9th, with no mention of Saturday 8th of June in our log

Tintin is romping along through the seas, well behaved in the gusty
winds with a reef in the main and the wind just forward of the beam.
It has been a great day. This afternoon Rob spotted a whale ahead, and
we saw a humpback whale breaching the sea three times, about half a
mile off. The whale came up vertically out of the water to its full
length, then crashed back with a huge splash. Sorry no photo!

We have been treated to a spectacular sunset so here is a photo of that

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