Friday 12 July 2013

Stage 19 - Alpe d'Huex to Le Grand Bornand

Today was a   l o n g  day.

However, I should mention that yesterday evening I was awarded the 'chapeau' - given each evening to somebody who the previous recipient thinks deserves it.  I'm not really sure what I did to merit the award - I think it was probably mainly due to cheerfully being overtaken 5 or so times per day by the same people!

The day started with a long traverse contouring around from Huez, and then down to the start of the Col du Glandon -avoiding the busy valley road.  The Glandon is a lovely climb - a bit frustrating because it has quite a lot of descent in the middle - but the moutainscape is awe-inspiring

I actually felt fresher than I look at this point

A long descent led straight into the Col de La Madeleine.  21 km at 8% with virtually no let up.  Just grind away, waving cheerfully to the faster people as they pass!

From there, it was tempting to think that the bulk of the work was done, but there were still many km and m to do.  A strong headwind in the valley.  A steaming Col de Tamie; an easier than expected Col d'Epine that led to the final climb of Col de Croix Fry.  12km winding past innumerable chocolate-box chalets.
I actually felt much worse than I look at this point

A long downhill brought me to the hotel at 7:30pm .  Tired - but I think that's OK after nearly 17,000ft of climbing

Strava Link here

1 more mountain day, then Paris!