Wednesday 3 July 2013

Stage 11 - Avranches to Mont St Michel

The weather today is definitely more British than it was down in Provence and the Pyrenees.  Cold with rain squalls blowing in from the west meant that that 20 mile time trial was more of a trial than it needed to be.  The ride itself was fairly uneventful - much like cycling into a strong wet westerly in Devon.

We started early, with some people deciding to race to get a good time while others grouped together to get round efficiently.  A few started off fast and then decided than racing into the wind and rain was too much like hard work.

Just finished the time trial.

After the ride, we all retired to the cafe for a hot drink and a criossant or 3 before heading to Fougeres, where we're holed-up in a motel at the edge of town.

Strava link here