Monday 30 September 2019

New Caledonia to New Zealand - Voyage information

During our 6 day passage we actually sighted only 1 other vessel - a cargo ship 2 days out of New Caledonia. We identified 4 or 5 other vessels via AIS within a range of ~ 15 nm of us (but could not see them), including on our last night a racing trimaran 'TeamVodafoneSailing' which was heading from NZ to Mackay; their boat speed of 19 knots roaring downwind put our (very respectable) 7 knots  upwind to shame…..

Tintin's log indicated that we had sailed 885nm between Baie de Prony, New Caledonia and Opua, New Zealand , which was remarkably not much more than the straight-line route of 870nm…. We averaged 148 nautical miles/ day (i.e. an average boat speed of just over 6 knots).  

We received this weatherfax image to Tintin's SSB on 25th September (2 days out from our arrival in Opua), showing the Western Pacific Ocean and Tasman Sea.  The very deep low to the SE of NZ's South Island generated the very heavy swell and strong S/SW winds south of Norfolk Island.   This was very much what we expected when selecting our departure date from New Caledonia - fortunately we arrived ahead of the next system which is equally vigorous with many embedded fronts and is currently bringing gales to Northland. (shown in the 2nd image) - if we had not left when we did we likely would have been well advised to wait at least another week.

Tintin is a very strong and capable boat and handled the Tasman Sea very well indeed.  I am pleased to say that the only breakage during Tintin's trip was a thermos flask which fell out of the cupboard under the sink while washing up in big seas!  

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Cabana said...

Congratulations on a well planned and well executed passage-you should be in the weather routing business - cheers from Cabana - maybe see you soon