Thursday 12 September 2019

Ilot Brosse - Isle of Pines

We set off for the Isle of Pines with a forecast of 15 knots Westerly breezes for a downwind sail, we were zinging along with 20-25 knots but as it started to build we decided to anchor in a sheltered bay on the Ile Ouen and we sat out an afternoon/ night of 30 knot winds. The following day we set off again with more benign South Westerlies and decided to head to one of the smaller outlying islands in the Isle of Pines group, Ilot Brosse. This is an uninhabited island with stunning white sand and incredibly blue surrounding waters. On our way here we caught 3 tuna mack, a good fighting fish but from prior experience they have a very dark flesh which isn't particularly appetising so we practised catch and release…

We went ashore briefly on our arrival, a weather front was passing through and the winds were forecast to drop off and for a sunny day to follow so we saved exploring Ilot Brosse until the following day, fortified with some French wine!

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