Tuesday 24 September 2019

Heading towards Norfolk Island

We are all settling into the watch system and
enjoying light downwind conditions today after a boistrous
on-the-wind departure from New Caledonia. We have logged 280nm in the
first 48 hours which is pretty good given the (expected) initial strong
headwinds and rough seas as we left the protection of the Southern
Lagoon. Tintin handled the waves no problem with 2 reefs in the main
and the staysail.
As wind and sea conditions eased yesterday we had a glorious fast
sailing day reaching with blue skies (and lots of sunblock).

Our passage plan avoids a vigorous cold front which should pass to the
south of us today. We intend to leave Norfolk Island to starboard
and catch easing westerly winds towards NZ later in the week, ahead of
another front forecast to cross the Tasman Sea.

All is well on board! N

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