Thursday 12 September 2019

Ilot Brosse - Beach combing

On our circumnavigation of the islet we encountered quite an array of interesting sights and critters
Apart from the snakes we explored the rock pools filled with nudibranchs, corals, brittle stars, sea slugs, several different types of crabs and various fish. We came across three Ospreys one of which had a fish in its talons, they are impressive birds and we were able to get quite close - on the shore were various wading birds, herons and kingfishers.
On a small sandy stretch on the most exposed Southern side of the Ilot we found some Nautillus shells which we had been hoping we might come across.
Into the home bound stretch we noticed some black tipped reef sharks close to shore on the incoming tide and then slightly further along the beach literally dozens of them were milling around in the shallows and we spent quite some time standing next to them as they swam back and forth - we had seen the images from Rangiroa of the all the sharks and had been disappointed to miss that but this made up for that. Nicki got some great video footage of the sharks.

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