Sunday 13 January 2019

Great Start!

Morning of our 2nd day at sea. We've got a gentle 12knots of breeze
from behind, the sea is flat and the sun is shining - so looking good.

The start yesterday was great. At 12noon, we started - about 25 boats
I think - from Rodney Bay with a 3 mile leg parallel to the coast
before heading west. Everybody was very good-mannered at the start,
with no jostling or shouting for 'water'. We were all close for this
stretch and is was a great sight seeing the whole fleet so close. As we
turned west, all the boats hoisted their downwind sails; some were
relatively conservative wing-on-wing whilst others put up acres of
parasailor, high up in front of the boat.

All the advice we've been given is that this passage tends to be windy
and wavy - so far its lovely, but I'm pretty sure it'll get much more
lively in the next few days.

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