Tuesday 8 January 2019

Countdown to start of the World ARC

We are delighted to welcome Nicki Murray and Richard Shaw who have joined us on Tintin here in St Lucia, for the next part of our circumnavigation to the western Pacific Ocean.

Tintin is one of 35 boats in the World ARC fleet (see worldcruising.com to find out more about the World ARC). We will be sailing in company with the other yachts starting on Saturday 12th January when we set off across the Caribbean Sea  bound for Santa Marta, Columbia. From there we move on the explore the San Blas Islands before heading to the Panama Canal which we will transit in early February.

Once again we are working down the pre-departure to do list, provisioning the boat, checking the rig, making repairs, checking communication and navigation equipment. We are also getting to know some of the crews - from USA, Holland, Finland, and the UK amongst others. For us all, we are here after many years of planning and the excitement in the air is plapable.

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