Wednesday 5 February 2020

Trapped! Sort of....

We're now in Manapouri, down in the deep south of the South Island Fiordland.  Some of you may have seen on the news that the area has an incredible amount of rain - some places got up to 1m of rain in 3 days.  The rivers are raging and some roads are closed due to being washed away or blocked by landslides.  It seems that we're actually trapped in this part of the country.  That sounds rather dramatic, but actually there is no drama at all - we got wet as we finished the Hump Ridge track yesterday but are now drying out in a quaint little motel looking forward to steak for dinner.

The bad weather has moved off into the Pacific and the it's been quite a nice day here.  We went around the local area and got a feel for the amazing landscape.

Tomorrow, we'll be kayaking in Doubtful Sound - should be great.
Looking towards the mountains

Over the lake

Sound advice not to jump into the raging river

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