Saturday 31 August 2019

Tintin afloat again

I cleaned the propellor and all the appendages and repainted her waterline, leading and trailing edges with a limited amount of white paint over the top of the Panama blue.  The 2-coloured hull looked rather strange while in the cradle, but now she is back in the water she looks fine; reverting to her original white waterline.

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Unknown said...

Hi Jo and Rob - just had a gander thru the blog. Glorious. What an amazing cruise. Isnt it gonna get chilly down in NZ?! Heading off to the RCC Meet in Beaulieu next week - think of us in the wind and rain. You must have worked your way thru a lot of burgees??? Calypso is safely tucked up in Vigo for the winter ): Have a good trip down to NZ. Much love Tim Traff