Saturday 23 April 2022

Change of Plan

Those of you who've been paying attention to our track might have noticed some horrible kinks in our course. The headwinds, which have forecast for several days, duly arrived. At first they were light, allowing us to make decent speed under engine. Now, however, they are F5-6 with 3m waves and pretty much stop the boat dead if we try to motor directly into it. So, we've been tacking towards Tristan de Cunha, with a horrible VMG. This morning, the starboard tack had plenty of westerly component, which is a bit discouraging. Our arrival at TdC, and therefore Cape Town has been gradually pushed back and back.

Ken has therefore decided to by-pass Tristan and head straight for Cape Town. We will attempt to pass close to, and view, Gough Island, some 250 S of TdC and pretty much on our new amended route. We're close-hauled on port tack and hope that from tomorrow am the wind will back to our beam and then stern, allowing us to make better progress. In the meantime, the forecast is for 35knots + on the nose tonight – but at least I'm not on cooking duty.

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