Sunday 26 May 2019

Of fish and squalls

Our passage to Suwarrow continues to hold our interest. The squalls of
yesterday continued interspersed with beating into the wind. The
last squall wasn't really a squall - more a mini weather system. at
about 2:30am, The wind changed by about 120degress in 10 mins and then
stregthened to 25-30 knots from the SW, and then stayed there for 2
hours. With 2 reefs and the staysail Tintin ploughed on quite happily,
but it was wearing for the crew (or at least the skipper). I wore a
jacket for the first time since the end of Nov. I retired at 5:00am
leaving the boat to Pim and Nicki, but the front cabin was very
bouncy. I must have got some sleep, because when I got up at 8:00, it
was sunny and not too windy. The sea state is gradually moderating.

Suwarrow is no place to enter at night, so we are trying to gain a bit
of speed so that arrive before dark on Monday.

Tintin Angling Society Update
Richard, honorary president of the TAS, has been busy with 3 lines out
most of the time. Fish have biting the lures and at least 3
huge marlins have been sighted while hooked leaping into the air in
anger. 2 managed to slip the hook and the 3rd - about an hour ago -
ran away with the entire line. Richard slowed its charge very briefly,
but then it charged away again leaping into the air as it went. The
line squealed and continued to unwind until it reached the end. A
split second pause before 'twang' - and we could resume our course.

To be honest, all the marlin were too big to land on a boat like
Tintin, so I'm secretly glad they got away (although the last one has
300m of line trailling from its mouth)

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