Monday 3 December 2018

Status update - Angling Society

After our initial kit check and foray into the boats tackle box (there
are lots of nasty looking hooks and lures), we convened the first
meeting of the angling society today to prepare our assault on the
mid-Atlantic fishing stocks. Having lost one lure the previous night, we
replaced the line on one reel and selected 2 of the ugliest lure and
hook combos, and deployed the lines - one on a rod, one on a hand reel.

With expectations high, we sat back, watched and waited, with visions
of endless battles with a fish - a test of cunning and nerve, skill and
technique, etc....

What actually happened depends on how you like to digest your news. In
this post-modern world, we have the new concept of alternative facts to
help us to make sense of the confusion around us, and so, here is my
take on what happened next.

To say that we were not successful, is a gross over-simplification of
the reality. We never stated explicitly that we wanted to land a fish
on the boat....instead, we had a very successful day testing our lines
(both lines survived the tests 100%), and refining our strategy. We
also went to great lengths to preserve our relationship with Neptune,
in offering back to him the biggest of our catches, to recognise the
very important role that he plays in providing safe passage for us.

The alternative narrative is that we catch one fish (a big dorado -
honestly it was huge) that jumped off the line as we hauled it in, and
a ball of rope!

But my friends, our is a long game, and we are back for another day,
and I have a better feeling about our prospects today.

Fred (aka David, aka Gurns).

Here's a picture of a happy crew post morning exercises and

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