Thursday 6 September 2018

Into the Rias

After Corme, we had 20NM run down the coast to Camarinas. Camarinas tries hard to be a lovely seaside town, but just doesn't quite make it. . The people are very nice and friendly, but the houses are just a bit run-down, or never completed in the first place. However, the thing that got to me is it seems to always be windy! It was windy when we were here last time, the pilot book comments on how its a windy place and it was windy last night. We went to the marina at the town to allow easy departure for Millie and Bee - it may have been quieter had we headed right up to the head of the bay under the trees. N'importe
Millie and Bee departed today. We were sorry to see them go - the boat is much quieter. Before she left, Millie completed her commission as resident artist to decorate the vane of the wind steering. The windvane now seems much too smart to expose to the wind and weather, but it will only while we are on passage. I know Milie was particularly keen for this picture to be put on the blog, so here it is:
 After the girls left, we came out of Camarinas and continued our run south - it was great sailing; goose-winged down the swell at up to 10knots. We had been planning to tuck in under Cape Finisterre but eventually decided to carry on and get into the rias so try to escape the wind, so we carried on SE. We're now in Ria de Muros - the most northerly of 'Ria Baixas' of Galicia. We found a calm anchorage in Ensanada de Estreio thanks to Tim Trafford's advice and are having a very leisurely morning making bread and doing odd jobs in the sun and out of most of the wind. We can see the clouds a few miles west scudding past a 30knots, while its less than 1/2 that here. I'm doing this blog to avoid having to service the heads, but it's time to don the marigolds....