Monday 13 January 2020

Sailing out from Whangarei

Today's weather was beautiful so we took the chance to get out to sea. It was wonderful to be on the water again. We sailed out to the wildlife sanctuary of the Hen and Chicken Islands, dropping the anchor in South Cove of Lady Alice Island.
The water was clear deep blue green but full of little lengths of what looked like fish eggs all lined up neatly in double rows just wafting around in the current. Swimming to inspect the hull showed us what a lovely forest of weed is growing on Tintin's bottom! A real wildlife sanctuary.
We passed a cargo ship on the commercial wharf being loaded with thousands of logs of wood, quite a sight. Laden to the plimsoll line she looked pretty full up. Hoping they have calm weather to wherever the destination may be.
On our return in to the harbour we were passed by red foiling catamaran about 40 foot long, literally flying along, escorted by fast motor boats. I've never seen a foiling boat that huge! Maybe it's part of the research for the 70 foot foiling monohull for the next America's cup match?

Back ashore after a very happy day, Rob tried walking and found that as per yesterday it was very painful. He has had low back pain for several days but now it's shooting down his leg and he can't go more than 50m. Oh dear... time to dig out the medical kit and see if anything there can help. Fingers crossed.

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