Tuesday 21 January 2020

Homewood in numbers

At Homewood

6000 acres

10,000 sheep

few hundred cattle

90 beehives in the Manuka bush

lots of dogs

3 shepherds

2 beautifully appointed Air BnB houses to stay in

one stock manager

one beekeeper/infrastructure/crops/machinery/irrigation genius

one farmer Andy

and one amazing do anything Jan

and Nicola who processes the honey and makes anything you can think of
out of honey or beeswax.

Today 500 one-year-old lambs were taken to market in an enormous triple
decker truck, together with 30 rams.

Every 2-3 weeks, 500 lambs will go to market (8,000 are sold each year)

The shearers were here last week. Ewe wool only fetches a small amount
so shearing is a necessity, but a net loss. In times gone by a truck
load of wool could buy a new tractor for the farm. No longer.


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