Wednesday 28 November 2018

Day 4 - Finding our rhythm

As we pass over the Tropic of Cancer and begin to bear down on the trade
winds we are all starting to settle into the rhythm of our daily life
on Tintin. Dictated by our regular watch pattern we have found
ourselves slinking off to the foredeck or our cabins for a post lunch
siesta. This is a completely new way of life for me, as this passage
is easily the longest spent at sea, and I am loving it.

It seems as though the repetitive swell of the sea and the continuous
groan of the spinnaker halyard is almost infectious, causing us to
follow similar patterns.

So far all watches have been a treat with Wendy the windpilot taking
almost all of the work off our hands leaving me to either marvel at the
sunset in my afternoon watch, or study the stars, planets and
constellations (and how on earth the jumble of stars depict the image
they are named for.)

Being on a boat captained by Mr Rob Withers, food is a very important
thing and am delighted to report that after 3 meals, each one has left
us and most importantly the skipper feeling very fulfilled. What was
really the icing on the cake (if you pardon the pun) was the package we
were each given, and opened shortly after the starting canon, from
Catherine Ravenscroft of a bundle of chocolate bars each. If you're
reading this, thank you!!!

With it nearing my afternoon watch it's time for me to sign off. So as
to mimic the radio chatter : "This is Ben signing out."

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