Friday 30 November 2018

770 miles in

And a few more than 2000 miles to go. Already I'm thinking that this
voyage will seem to fly by.

Yesterday we reached the first waypoint on our simple passage plan (the
second one is St Lucia). The idea of heading in a more southerly
direction initially is to pick up the favourable west going
current (thanks for the help tracking it, Steve) and the ENE
tradewinds. So we duly altered course by 15 degrees, changing from a
run to a very broad reach. The wind is keeping up at 20-28 knots so we
are making steady progress, despite the large swell with a slightly
confused sea which is making the boat corkscrew around a fair bit at the
moment. Tricky when pouring tea!

It is now a rarity to see another boat on the horizon, although last
night we passed within a mile of a Norwegian yacht and had a
brief chat with them on the VHF radio.

A highlight of yesterday was the freshly baked loaf of saucepan
bread made by Ben. Perfect!

Wildlife update: last night we had our first flying fish landing in the
cockpit, and we can see more of them skimming along over the waves this
morning. They are about 6 inches long and fly in
small groups for a few metres before appearing to crash back into a

Thank you to all who have been in touch. I think we have better weather
here in the tropics. Sending you all some sunshine

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Unknown said...

Going up the fleet! Well done navigators....