Saturday 17 June 2023

Roscoff and Isle de Batz

Customs formalities done (notwithstanding slightly bemused comment from the Douanes gendarmes re the yellow duster being used as our Q flag) and boat maintenance done (leak in water tank addressed) and chatting to friendly marina neighbours done (who had sailed with Boreal Coyote, with Parisienne hotelier Michel who we met in a Norwegian fjord 5 years ago) it was time for birthday lunch in Roscoff. 
The most delicious onion tart ever at Le Local followed by a visit to a chocolaterie, a real treat!
We then slipped away bound for Port Retter, Isle De Batz. Fog made for an interesting arrival but once our nose was in the bay, it cleared. We had a very peaceful evening, swim, supper and then ashore at 10:30pm for a stunning sunset over the western of the island. 
The Isle de Batz lighthouse swept its beam round above us all night.

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