Sunday 18 June 2023

A foggy quiet day

Thick fog again this morning and not a breath of wind. We crept out of our  anchorage dodging fishing pot buoys and turned west to follow the coast round to L'Aber Benoit, 30 miles away. 

Under motor we went slowly as the visibility was down to just a boat- length. We used the fog horn to let anyone out there know we were coming! And heard a reply from a yacht just 1/4 mile away, who we picked up with radar and AIS but never saw. Luckily we saw no more fishing pots in our path.

A glimpse of the French coast after 3 hours was reassuring. As we made our way in to L'Aber Benoit the fog lifted and we could breathe more easily, able to see both the scattered rocky islets and the beacons, then the channel markers, the sandy beaches and a welcoming mooring buoy.

A sunny and beautiful evening again, followed an afternoon spent messing about on the river. 

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