Thursday 30 August 2018

Of Dolphins and Tuna

Many people have wished us calm seas before we left and it looks like this crossing will be especially blessed - although that might mean less sailing and more motoring. Soon after the previous post, the wind reduced to make sailing slow and rolly - so we regretfully started the engine. The wind has barely reached walking pace since, so we are steadily chugging SW.

At about 11:00pm I noticed the bow wave being illuminated by the green nav light, and wondered how the bow wave was so far back and out from the boat. Looking further, it was a dolphin stirring up phosphorescence For the next 45 minutes we were treated to an incredible display. A pod of about 9 dolphins played in the bow wave. Sometimes they darted in from about 10m to one side, the strong accelerating kicks from their tale visible as a white ball of turbulence left behind. Their shape was visible from the white light generated by the nose and fins through the water. Sometimes they would turn on their side to get a better look at us but they would probably just see the glare of the nav lights. We all gathered on the foredeck (Jo arising from her bunk out of the hatch) to watch the show - mesmerising as their trails weaved in and out by the bow wave.

Today James put two fishing lines off of the stern. Bridget thought she saw one of the lines tug but actually brought everyone's attention to the other line, which turned out to have a huge tuna! After a lot of spattering of blood in James's attempt to kill the fish, Jo successfully gutted and filleted the tuna. We will be enjoying tuna steaks tonight!