Tuesday 14 May 2013

Getting Closer...

It's not very long now until I head to Corsica to start Le Tour.  5 and a bit weeks.  On the cycling front, I feel fairly well prepared.  I've felt fine at the end of the long rides I've done, and am going quicker than I have for a few years - provided that I eat enough!  I am probably asking for trouble by saying that.  I think the problems (and there will be many....) will be more related to the following:
- General wear-and-tear on the bike and body
- No recovery time so minor niggles can't heal.
- Weariness not just from the cycling but the coach travel, new hotels having to sort out food, washing, bike issues etc.
-  Making sure that I stay upright on the bike and don't hit anything.

I've looked in detail at the schedule, and I'm thinking of the event in 4 sections:
- 3 day warm-up in Corsica - heat will be a real issue here
-  5 days across the south of France ending with the Pyrenees
-  6 days of La France Profonde going almost directly from Brittany to Provence
-  6 days of Alps and the end.
In other words, 4 nice cycling holidays strung into 1!

I'm sure there will be many moments of exhaustion, pain and despair - but at the moment the one I'm dreading the most is the long day to Mont Ventoux.  I've been on Ventoux twice and the mountain leads 1 1/2: 1/2 on points at the moment.  On both those occasions, it came after about 80-90 miles cycling.  This time, however, it comes after about 120 miles of riding.

I met Rick Wates last week to try to persuade him that WWMT should support Chiltern Lighthouse - the charity of which I'm a trustee.  No definite answer yet.  I'm ramping up the fund-raising effort at the moment, so if you are thinking of supporting me - please do it now!