Friday 12 October 2018

Playing the waiting game

It's lovely to be back on board Tintin for this second leg of the trip: Lisbon to the Canaries, about 750 miles.
We have our Atlantic crew assembled. Joining us are James Heath, Jo's brother David Gurney and his son Ben.
We plan to sail to Madeira and then on to Tenerife.

The weather forecast has been changing daily, and the cut off low pressure system that we have been tracking is still causing us to pause. We are following 4 different forecasts and between them they seem sure that this low pressure will move steadily east or north east, but their predictions for its track vary significantly. One has it passing through Cascais Marina (that's where we are now) tomorrow night with peak wind speeds of around 60 knots (75mph) at midnight. Another forecast reckons it will be 700 miles further south.

We intend to wait and see, with mooring lines nice and tight.

So we have been treated to a few days here in Cascais. Time to explore Lisbon and surrounds and develop a taste for custard tarts.

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