Sunday 14 April 2013

Spring is Here

We've just returned from Devon, where the weather went overnight from the cold easterlies caused by the blocking high over northern Europe to warm southerlies, driven by a deep low west of Ireland.  The result is not only  a lovely increase in temperature but a change in the pacing on my standard ride.  Yesterday I was 5 minutes quicker on the 1st hour, and 7 minutes slower on the 2nd hour, into the wind.  For those who care, or haven't got anything better to do, you can see my training on Strava.

I'm now starting to fund-raise in earnest, so if you would like to support my attempt to ride the route of the Tour De France, please donate here

In a few days, we'll be off to do the Liege-Baston-Liege sportive.  160 miles of rolling Belgian countryside.  That will be the first proper test of the winter's training.